Myra We all know: Life begins with birth. But in case of this new upcoming artist it’s a little bit
different. Myra’s life began with the day when she fell in love with the sound of music.
No one has ever thought, when she was five years old, that she would become a singer,
songwriter, composer and producer.

The Philippine born artist lives in Germany now and says about herself:
“When I look back to the point, where all began, everything still seems like a dream! But don’t
wake me up please, because I love to live it!”

With her Urban Pop Style, marked by her undistinguishable and gentle soul-voice, she is already well known in the underground. However, since she was official support act of Germany’s Popstars bands, among them Monrose and Room 2012, and Hip Hop artists like Grandmaster Flash, she also became internationally known.

With her “New German Urban Group” Meine Allee, she won many newcomer awards and prices. In 2006 Mr. Fri, Parson and Myra released their debut album Egal wie weit. In the underground the LP sold in no time.
At the same time Myra devoted herself to her solo career and worked on her first album Still Here, which was released at the end of 2006. In the beginning of 2007 Meine Allee decided to go seperate ways to pursue their own careers. She is still working with Parson, now well known for his Reggae music under his artist name Rojah Phad Full (Rootdown Records); in 2009 Myra performed for his Song Per Klick, which was #14 in the German Reggae charts.

In 2008 Myra broadened her artistic horizon and developed the original music score for the German movie Sick Pigs (TBC Filmproduktion).
The DVD is available in stores now. Her work on the movie was especially influenced by the cooperation with the established musician Dieter Roth (Raindancer, Revolver),  who worked with such distinguished artists like Lou Bega, Scorpions, Gunter Emmerlich, Panjabi Mc.

In 2008, despite the workload of Sick Pigs, Myra still managed to produce her second album Keep Goin’ On. Up until now, it never went quiet around the musical career of the Philippine artist. In the beginning of 2010 Myra discovered the musical advantages of her homeland, and worked together with Q-York Edutainment, Dave Classick, Knowa Lazarus and Angel Lowprofile Lavilla on the jiggy R’n’B track 1 Voice (We Are), which is released on Pinoys makin noise Mixtape available on

In future, there is more to come from Myra: “Eternity itself won’t be long enough to implement all my ideas, visions and dreams.”

For news, updates, shows and many more visit Myra’s official sites:


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