KushRory McIntyre known to his fans as Kush was born in Kingston, Jamaica. At the young age of three, Kush moved to Stony Hill a rural area in St. Andrew, Jamaica, where he still resides to this day. Kush has been receiving a huge buzz in Jamaica and is ready to take over the international market. We had the pleasure to get an exclusive interview with reggae superstar Kush.

Here are questions and answers from our exclusive interview:

Jk. Where did you get your name from Kush?

BK. The name came from an African tribe called (Kush) The kingdom of the ancient Kushites from Ethiopia. Kush which is just a abbreviation for Kushites.

Jk. What inspired you to take up music?

BK. I just love to express myself and I do that through music, Chanting, Dee-Jaying, even in dancing. You must understand music is like the breeze that blows, if you listen keenly you can hear the sounds that it makes when it’s passing through you. Music is affiliated with every one; the only difference is the type of music that one chooses to listen too.

Jk. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

BK. Well I would not say influence but people who I admired and respect, it’s quite a lot of names to call specifically but a few of the names that come to my mind artists such as Peter Tosh, Garnet silk, Burning Spear, Sizzla, Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, Tupac Shakur, Eminem, and I cannot leave out the great Bob Marley. This is just a short list followed by many others musicians that I have learned to respect and admire through their art.

Jk. There is a video that has be blowing up featuring yourself alongside Damari, Unga, Ras Penco, Bugle, Richie Spice and Chevaughn, called The Dream Riddim Medley. How did you come to work with this list of talented Artists?

BK. Well I was at Q45 studio and I saw Unga (from the Notice Production) I told him I would like to write a song on his rhythm, that was around December. In January my manager made the booking for the studio time where I met up with Chevaughn. Unga started to play Damari’s Song “Work weh a Work” followed by the instrumental I started to vibe to song where Unga loved it. The rest is history.

Jk. So what have you been working on recently?

BK. I’m in the process of recording a new single for UTH Music, big up Craige and Nikkie. I also have another single soon to be release on the Swag Natty Riddim called “Listen” the Riddim features big name such as Richie Spice and Ras Penco. Just look out for another Blazing single from Notice Production.

Jk. With the music industry changing the way it is, how do you plan to manage?

BK. The industry might change but there is always room for good reggae and dancehall music. I just have to keep the positive content in my music.

Jk. What are your future plans?

BK. I don’t really like to plan but I will just keep putting out good music and teachings and allow Jah to guide me where I need to be.

Jk. We are doing this interview on August 17 Marcus Mosiah Garvey Birthday. What are your thoughts and feelings about Marcus Garvey?

BK. Give thanks for the prophet John Marcus I, he was a man with a vision he said to us “Up, up, you mighty race! You can accomplish what you will.” Marcus said to the world “One Love and unity”. Africa must be free and stand as one United States of Africa; Africa for the Africans, Marcus Mosiah Garvey was before his time, a great philosopher, a great man in struggle for the Black liberation, hail John Marcus I, Happy Earth Strong Bless.

Jk. For those that want to contact Kush where they can contact you?

BK. Anybody that would like to contact me can e-mail: UTH-music@hotmail.com or bobokush@hotmail.com. http://bobokush.blogspot.com Give thanks RASTAFARI bless.

Interview By : Shiquita Woodyard TJKS STAFF EDITOR

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