D1Born in Kingston, Jamaica D1 (Dee One) whose birth name is Damone Walker is currently based in the old capital of Spanish Town and is a past Student of St. Catherine High School. D1 grew up listening to legendary hip hop artistes such as Fat Boys, Slick Rick, Run DMC which he states shaped and developed hip hop in its realest form’, which inspired his interest in the genre.

D1 grew further interest in the art when he listened to veteran rappers and rap group of the nineties which included two of his favorites, Bone – Thugs –N- Harmony and Tupac Shakur.

By the time D1 was in college, he was a member of a rap group who along with his colleagues host rap battles. This introduced to Big Beast from ‘Da Colony’ or ‘Holokast’ at the time (rap group who many today would say are the godfathers of Hip hop in Jamaica). Realizing D1’s talent and potential, a very impressed Beast later introduced him to rest of the Colony known today as ‘13th tribe’, a renowned rap group based in the Spanish Town and the Kingston 6 area. Later D1 took his career into his own hands and decided to venture out on a solo career producing his smash singles which have been ‘making waves’ in Jamaica right now.

The exotic blend of hardcore hip hop interchangeably infused with the Jamaican patois/ Dj style and his unique agile flow continues to captivate the minds of his listeners. This new genre of “Yardcore” hip hop/dancehall (as the artist calls it) is widely acknowledged by those who come across his music in the dancehall and hip hop world. His lyrics are strategically free-styled and his melodies are patterned to create the enchanting effect on anyone who listen his music. His sound is unique and brings freshness to the music fraternity.

Here is an Exclusive Interview with Spanish Town’s upcoming star D1 :

JK. At what age did you know you wanted to be an entertainer?

D1. umm… I’m not even sure i think it was back in college when I use to battle other Rappers, that was the age of 16

JK. What do you think about the internet and its impact on music?

D1. I think its a very good thing…very Good for music, its easier to get material out there as oppose to back in the day..for eg. I record my tracks and email them to the radio Jocks when back in the day we would have to burn songs on a Cd and personaly take them to the radio stations

JK. D1 you are obviously a talented artist. However do ever feel like it is a challenge to promote your music in a country that is known and loved for Reggae and Dancehall?

D1. Well yes initially it was back when I use to Fully rap but nowadays I’m now mixing the jamaican dialect with hip-hop, I think jamaica is now starting to catch on to to the new flow (they still dont know what to call the flow) lol

JK. How has the experience been working with Ward 21?

D1. Wow…honestly its a dream come true, because I have always been a very big fan of their work ever since they came out, so I’m really honored to even be in their camp… in my eyes those guys are already legends, real talk.

JK. When your at home listening to your ipod, who are you listening to?

D1. I listen to alot of artists…because I’m a fan of good music so once an artist has a good song I’m bumping it, lately I have been listening to a new york rapper name “Cory Gunz” his flow inspire me alot

JK. Jamaica has had a rough year, HOW have you managed to stay focused, despite all of the things that are going on?

D1. Honestly I stay focused by knowing what I have to bring to the game, I know that I have something to prove to the nea-sayers so I really dont worry too much about whats going on because I honestly believe I can give this game a face-lift once they take the time to hear me out (music lovers that is)

JK. You have a blazing song called Talk Bout Dat on the Cosa Nostra Riddim, what was your inspiration behind the lyrics in the song?

D1. Lol thas a funny story actually, I heard Zj J-Kool playing some of the other songs already recorded on the beat, on hearing it I was hooked I had to download it and once I started vibing to it was a done deal (I freestyled the whole track) no writing

JK. There have been a lot of Jamaican entertainers that have overcome adversity, Are there any entertainers that you look at and say “Hey if he/she can make it so can I”?

D1. Yeah…Sean Paul,Shaggy I admire there step over-seas

JK. What new projects you have working on now?

D1. I have some producers I’m recording some tracks for mainly Ward 21, Equiknox, Jam 2. Working on my album The Illusive.

JK. For those that want to know more about D1 what is the best way for them to find more information as well is your music?

D1. Lol as for information about me personlly, all my life is in my music…if u notice I put a lot of personal info in my songs, my music is a time capsule as to whats going on with me at “that given time”…and as for my songs…you can get them off my mixtapes (I put all my songs in my mixtapes)

JK. How can your fans or  people contact you?

D1. They can reach me by e-mail  D1IZBACK@YAHOO.COM or check out my website http://d1musik.webs.com

Here is his latest Mixtape Download “Lungz On Fyaah”
Interview By: Shiquita Woodyard editor for TJKS

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