When we meet Myra we knew it was something special about her! this young lady has a voice of an angel so we here at Thejamkingshow took her up under our wings. Myra has been blessed with a gift that no-one can take from her this Urban Pop Songstress is on her way. we had a sit down with Myra and she is one female that truly knows what she want! you can also Book Myra through TJKS or for more info. Peep what she had to say!

JAMKING: Hello Myra! It’s a pleasure, for you to take the time and have a sit down with TJKS first off let us ask this tell the us where your from?

Myra: Hey, I am Myra and right now I am living in Germany.

JAMKING: What’s your ethic background?

Myra: I was born in Manila (Philippines):)

JAMKING : What do you bring to the industry table? – be it musically, personally, whatever

Myra: Definitely many things! You know, I’m a singer, songwriter, producer, composer but also

I do sounddesign and also I am doing’ VJ things from time to time! But mainly I think a lot of

fresh music without boundaries and I can surely say about myself that I am always trying to give

and to do all these things from the bottom of my heart and with honesty.

JAMKING: Who are your influences?

Myra: Well, that’s a difficult question, because I cannot only say by „whom“ I am influenced

because I’m inspired by everything that is surrounding me! Especially my music is influenced by

all these things that’s surrounding us every single day and not to forget the lil’ things that happen

to us and we experience! But I think I am always searching for real things, honest

things…everybody can relate to, you know?

JAMKING: Who do you admire in the music industry and why?

Myra: Oh well, this question is also very difficult to answer for me because I am listening to

every kinda music that you can listen to! But here are some singers I really admire because they

have great singing styles and great voices: For me right now the most talented singer I know on

this planet is probably „Charice“, not because of the fact she is from the Philippines but she

really has great talent & an incredible voice, no doubt the same as Regine Velasquez also

a filipino singer! But I also like, Aaliyah a lot, Alicia Keys, she is definitely one of my favorite

artists because she established the „Urban Sound“ that you can definitely find in my music a lot.

I love Brandy, because her voice and her singing style is very very unique! Janet Jackson, she is

one of my all – time favorite artists because she has great songs and she is a great dancer and

entertainer and of course Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5! I love old stuff like The

Temptations, Diana Ross, The Four Tops, Gladys Knight …and I love Classical Music because

in my opinion you can learn a lot as a musician out of that genre! Producers/Songwriters I

admire would be: Teddy Riley, Babyface, Quincy Jones of course and many more because they

brought a lot of great music to world!

JAMKING: What are you trying to accomplish as an artist?

Myra: Get heard by as many people as possible. That people who listen to my music have

certain feelings no matter if they feel happy or sad, cheated or loved…It’s all about the way you

feel when you listen and I definitely want to get my music all around the globe!

JAMKING: We heard your music and it is amazing, How do you define yourself and your

music as a person?

Myra: First of all thank you so much! Like I already said before I have a lot of this „Urban –

Style“, but my music cannot be defined clearly because it combines so many different styles like:

R&B,Hip Hop, Classic, Soul, Funk, Rock, Pop, Dance, Reggae, House, Electro, Country, Blues,

Jazz and and and…and all this makes my own style: This is „MY-STYLE“! I know all this comes

straight from the bottom of my heart because I love to do this and it means the world to me to

share with so many people! I also can say that that I am very honest and true with it, share my

feelings with you in a very honest way! This is all what I believe in and that would be the best

definition for my music and also for myself and music is what I want to do the rest of my life,

because it gives me so much every single day!

JAMKING: There is a tune out there called “Time to shine by Laden” It almost sounds

like something on your tracks?

Myra: Well, like you know I sometimes do some Reggae and Dancehall tunes and when I heard

Laden’s Time to shine I said to myself: Wow, I wanna drop some lines on that Riddim! So I

recorded a song on Laden’s Time to shine Riddim and this song is called „Hello“ you can

download for free on www.myspace.com/myralcp or on www.myra.bandcamp.com!

JAMKING: What are some of your current projects?

Myra: Right now I have a song out that is called 1 Voice (We Are) it’s available on the „Pinoys

makin noise – Mixtape“ on www.pstgear.com ! Powered by Q-York Edutainment, Dave Classick

and PSTGEAR.COM. This is music from pinoys to pinoys all over the world! If you’re not a

pinoy (filipino) you can also listen to it of course 😉 But the idea behind this project was, get

filipino music out there and get heard and support filipino artists all around the world! I also

have another Reggae project goin’ on right now and there’s this movie I made the music to! It’s

called „Sick Pigs“ and it’s available now for orders on www.amazon.com ! And many

more projects to come, you should stay tuned for that 😉

JAMKING: What are some of your future goals?

Myra: I think it would be: Travel around the world with my music, play concerts everywhere

and of course release my own single soon and get my own real record deal soon 😉 and I would

love to perform back in the Philippines.

JAMKING: So tell TJKS What kind of audience are you looking to garner?

Myra: There’s not a specific audience I am trying to reach because of the fact my music has so

many influences! I have a very wide range and it doesn’t matter where you come from or how old

you are I think many people can relate to my music!

JAMKING: We are gone throw this at you to let the fans feel you ok? Why should they (as

in music listeners) listen to you?

Myra: Yeah the FANS! They keep you goin’ and goin’ all along the way…Work harder, create

new things and I think people should listen to it because I know they can relate to my music and

they also can feel it! Go with the beat, feel the lyrics!

JAMKING: What’s your greatest asset as an artist?

Myra: This you should better ask the fans ;))) All I can say is that everything I bring out there as

an artist is honest and true because it comes from the bottom of my heart! Real love from me to

all of you 😉

JAMKING: What’s your greatest weakness as an artist?

Myra: My greatest weakness is also my greatest strength: Knowing my weakness!

JAMKING: What’s the biggest uphill battle you face as an artist?

Myra: In my opinion, as an artist, you have to battle everyday! Learn to accept certain things in

the music industry, because they are they way they are and get along with that! But I think you

have so many things you have to face as an artist! If you have downs also stand up again and

fight for the thing you believe in!

JAMKING: If you had to choose one – what would you rather be: lyrics or a beat – and


Myra: This is a very interesting question, no one ever asked this before 😉 Well, If I had to chose

one of these things I need to depend on the mood I am in! With both things you can express so

many things but if I had to make a decision right now I would definitely say LYRICS! It’s the

power of the word that is fascinating me the most I guess! And also the feelings you get

when you hear certain words, especially in different kind of languages, it is just fascinating and

wrap them up in an own melody to give them more power…that’s very interesting for me


JAMKING: Anything special you would like to say to your fans?

Myra: Only a million THANK YOU’S for the love you’ve been showing to my music and to me as

an artist! Keep on supporting me, listening to my music whenever you feel to and spread the

word about me!

JAMKING: Before we let you go where can the fans and the big talent scoots find you on

the web?

Myra: Go to www.myramusic.de or visit www.youtube.com/myramusic and subscribe, comment,

give feedback or write E-mail to me 😉

JAMKING: Well Myra we thank you so much for stopping by TJKS and we wish you the

best make sure you keep us updated so we can keep you out there, and don’t forget about

us little people when you blast off hope you come back to see us We Love Ya!!.

Myra: Thank you so much for having me! It’s my pleasure! Big shout out to TJKS! Keep it

jammin’ 😉

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