VCVC blasted onto the reggae scene in 2000, with his first single “By His Deeds “The song became a runaway success and a instant reggae classis in Jamaica and a must have on the play list of all reggae lovers worldwide, the message in the music reaching people pf all walks of life.

VC the singer and the songwriter was surprised by the enormity of how well the song did and was thrown head first in to the twist and turns of the music industry.

His success had him performing locally on such shows as Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues, Reggae Sumfest, Rebel Salute. Bob Marley Memorial and Peter Tosh Memorial concert. The demand for him overseas has lead to his touring to England, New York and Canada, bring his brand of conscious music.

Since the time VC took some time off to be with his new born son and family. Still keeping up his craft of the years VC continues to working in the studio write, record and perform. He has been busy working in the studio with such renowned musicians as Dean Fraser, Rupert Bent Jnr. And Paul Kasstilk recording over twenty new tracks towards his upcoming album, including a duet with International Irish artist Diedra Kellan.

Now VC, a wiser and better prepared musician is ready to re-launch his music and share it with true reggae lovers worldwide. VC is back with full force and has just released two hit singles, “Judgment Day” and Rough Neck” both the message music in the tradition that one would expect from the artist. His lyrics continue to give social commentary complimented by a backdrop of rich instrumentals and hard–driving beats.

Also soon to be released projects with world renowned Renaissance Disco new hit rhythm and tracks on “Dig Dis” and “Big Tings” labels.

VC has become synonymous with a kind of music that reaches back to the days of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jacob Miller with echoes of his contemporary roots and eclectic influences.

The singer, Born Valton Craigie was born in England to Jamaican parent. VC moved to Jamaica at the age of 10 and spent years diabbling in the music industry in the United States and Jamaica before finding his niche. He always knew he wanted to be in the music business and worked as a deejay with “Legacy” sound system in the 1980’s and later at the nigh club. He was a sound engineer by profession and he produced other artistes before eventually becoming brave enough to stand on the other side of the Microphone. Since then he has never looked back and his star continues to shine.

Now that his caught the ears of reggae lovers he sees his role as to create music that inspires and touches people’s heart.
His Loyal and wide fan base can attest to the power of his music they stretch from the shores of Hawaii to the clubs in Japan and ever where in the between.

Here are some questions and answers:

JK. One of my favorite songs of yours is By His deeds, Please tell me where did the inspiration behind that song come from?

VC. The song actually came from me examining myself at the time, and thinking that my life was not matching what I was telling people. I was not doing what I really wanted to do, which was music. I started to feel like a hypocrite. This got me thinking about all the people I had come across who I knew were just as, if not more, hypocritical than me, and how really, by his deeds a man is known.
Just as I had taken a hard look at myself, I wanted a song that would force people to take a hard look at themselves and try to do better.

JK. I watched you perform a few weeks ago at Angella’s in Kingston and I was amazed to
See your son Joshua so talented at such a young age. Do you think that he will follow in your foot steps and pursue a career in the entertainment industry?

VC. Absolutely! He is the star of the family. Real “crowd horse”.

JK. For those that are just starting out in the music business do you have any advice for them?

VC. There’s so much to learn about the business, but I would advise anyone just starting out to take the time to seriously develop their skills and master their craft. You also want to have the proper team of people who believe in you, and who you can trust. Minimize the people around you who really don’t contribute anything positive to your journey.

JK. What do you enjoy most about performing?

VC. That moment when you know the audience has really connected with your message.

JK. Do you think reggae music is in a good place right now?

VC. I don’t. I think our young people are losing interest and faith in real reggae music, so now, when you listen to Jamaican music, it sounds more and more like R&B, Hip Hop or Dance music. Fortunately, we still have artists and producers who are putting out some fantastic reggae, but not as much as I or the World would like to hear. This is why we see more foreign acts doing well with “our” music.

JK. You are one of the most talented people that I have ever met. With so much success in your life, how have you managed to remain so humble?

VC. By laughing (good naturedly!) at questions like this!

JK. Looking ahead, what are some of the other projects you hope to undertake in the future?

VC. I am currently trying to form a coalition of like-minded artists who are committed to being ambassadors of reggae music and using the music to inspire positive change. Artists ranging from Ernie Smith to Andy Livingston are on board and we are now putting together a European tour titled “The Power Of Reggae”. We are also planning more shows in Jamaica.
We have created a new business model for artists and promoters which allows for quality reggae shows to be economically viable for all, and also allows for us to spread messages of unity, justice, peace and financial betterment Worldwide.

JK. Do you have any hopes and dreams for Jamaica that you’d like to share?

VC. I hope that Jamaicans can realize that no man is an island. It makes absolutely no sense to profit from the suffering and oppression of your neighbor. Let us stop being so selfish. Let us bring back a sense of nation building. Let us stop killing, abusing, and robbing each other as if we are not God blessed and supremely valuable. Let us teach our children to truly love themselves. Let all of us work on giving them a reason to hope.

JK. For those persons that would like to contact you for events or just to know more about your music, what would they do?

VC. To hear more of my music or learn more about me, go to or contact me on Facebook.

JK. Before you go is there anybody that you would like to shout out ?

VC. Special shout out to Andy Livingston, X Amount Crew, Rupert Bent and On Que Productions, wifey & kids and Mrs. Woodyard!
Connie me friend…I pray for you daily…JAH GUIDE & BLESS.
You can hear more of his music
Stephen Greig
Big Tings Management

Interview By: Shiquita Woodyard editor for TJKS

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