L.O.C. (Lyrically Overshadowing my Competition)Antonio Manuel Muñoz Bennett born December 9, 1986, known commonly as L.O.C (Lyrically Overshadowing my Competition) is a talented upcoming Hip-Hop artist and producer in Jamaica. L.O.C was born in Kingston, St. Andrew, where he was raised for the first part of his life before moving to Spanish town, St. Catherine.

L.O.C began attending High School in 1998 where he met Napalm who also shared a love for hip-hop.

Artists such as: DMX, Eminem and Big L captivated his mind and caused L.O.C to take a dramatic interest in the art. Around this time his parents were on the verge of a divorce. After the separation L.O.C was forced to stay with his father in kingston while his mother moved to St. Catherine. His father was a very strict and principled person thus L.O.C was not allowed certain privileges. The only possession that was of extreme value to L.O.C was a Compact Disc player which his mother had bought him. This allowed him to become entrenched in Hip Hop music.

After finishing high school L.O.C moved to St. Catherine to live with his mother. This move allowed L.O.C to meet Big Beast ( a friend of his deceased cousin Orlando Shea) who was also pursuing a music career at the time. With respect for each others craft a friendship developed. Big Beast in turn introduced L.O.C to D1 and Rural.

With his Debut album under his belt his solo success as risen within the local scene as well as the international market with numerous airplay in Jamaica and the United States. With such hits as “She not Listening”, “Still Fly pt. 3”, “Please Somebody (Help Me)”, “Look so hard” (with his 13th tribe family Dee-One, Big Beast) and the latest to the create a buzz in the streets “Dat Fast Money”.

L.O.C is currently finished with his latest Mixtape called “The Return Of Me” and is currently featured on D1’s “Lung On Fyaah” mixtape which is out now.

Here is an Exclusive Interview with L.O.C :

JK. When you are not in the studio, what are you doing in your free time?

L.O.C. Catching up on whatever I missed that’s going on in the world seeing that I spend most of my time doing music. Mostly it’s clubbing or just hanging out my friends.

JK. Who are some of your musical influents?

L.O.C. To keep it short. Dmx, Eminem, Jay-z, Biggie and Lil Wayne. To tell you the truth once a person is doing their thing or did their thing in the game then they will be influencing me big time. I mean what if I never used to listen to somebody like Nas it doesn’t matter how long ago he did a song if I heard that song somewhere and I liked it best believe I’m gonna go get all his albums and listen them.

JK. What has the experience been like to perform live?

L.O.C. Empowering. To know when you’re on the stage you have control of everyone’s ears, eyes, and what they do or say. That to me is unbelievable. I don’t think I could ever get tired of that.

JK. Last year you graduated from Utech. Was it important for you to go to college even though your goal is to pursue a career in the entertainment industry?

L.O.C. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to college so I consider my self very fortunate. My motto is don’t put all your eggs in one basket. My goal is to make it yes, but overall the main goal is to get money. Remember for that one person who made it you probably have another thousand that didn’t.

JK. What are your long-term career goals?

L.O.C. To be successful in what I love…which music and to continue to be consistent in doing so.…whatever happens though I would want to leave here knowing that people will always remember me for me not just for my music but for who I am. Whether it is to be your all time favorite, a good son or a good father when that time comes.

JK. Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal?

L.O.C. Of course! Who isn’t? I have no problem with doing it by myself -I mean I been doing most of my projects by my self anyways but at sometime you will need help. I look at a major label as a team and you need a team behind you.

JK. Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support?

L.O.C. That has to go to all my friends and family. When most people are telling me to stop my real friends would say keep going. Oh I can’t leave out Jamking and Shiquita and Hutchy who were always getting me the promo when I needed it. I mean they’re the reason why I’m even doing this interview too. hahaha.

JK. -L.O.C Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Before you go how can fans-to-be gain access to your music and how can they contact you?

L.O.C. No problem. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to do this interview. My music is on my site http://www.loc-online.com/. My new mixtape The Return of ME is out right now too! You can contact me through the site or email me directly at loconline@hotmail.com.

Here is his latest Mixtape Download “http://www.mediafire.com/?flr3e26geqqry19”
Interview By: Shiquita Woodyard editor for TJKS

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