DJ ADHailing from Princeton New Jersey. Adam Brown, otherwise known as DJ A.D. showcases his many talents, passion and love for music when performing LIVE! Since age 13, he began practicing by mixing tracks in his own studio. DJ A.D. lives in the now, and always looks to grow and channel his energy and skill into other areas of interest, maximizing his potential as a dj/remixer and artist.
Recently, he began to expand and network with some of the biggest names in the music industry, such as: “Fatman Scoop, Dino Roc of 914 Hit Squad, DJ Starski of Crooklyn Clan and the “mixmaster” DJ Excel of DJ International Worldwide. DJ A.D. spins a variety of genres from Top 40, Vocal House, Electro, Dubstep, Dirty Dutch, Rock, Oldskool, Funk and Oldies. His greatest accomplishments to date, is his creation & foundation: “The Everything Mixtape Vol.1, 2 and Worldwide Edition! They are a series of separate mixed cd’s, that display his talent, knowledge and diversity of music; not just as a dj/remixer/producer, but as an artist. His all-time “top downloads” come from: YOURREMIX, CRACK4DJS & AV8RECORDS.
“If you’re in a nightclub or listening to the radio, chances are you’ve heard one of his transitions, party breaks, mashups and/or remixes.” Ever since he started producing for various remixing services/websites, he’s sold over +40,000 records to other dj/artist[s] in the USA, UK, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and China.
A.D.‘s main goal is to hype up the crowd and please his audience with intensity and consistency! Performing, in front of a crowd, transforms, empowers and allows him to stay focused and mix various tracks and “live remixes.” His motto/tagline has changed from “spins anything you desire” to “…it’s everything!” He interacts with people on a personal level and dedicates his focus and attention to their interests. His desire to please others enhances his performance.
Ultimately, Adam Brown aka DJ A.D. is now opening up his own “DJ Academy” called “Remixnetwork” located in Princeton NJ. Clients’ have already been accepted. He is providing both private tutoring and group lessons focusing on skills of the DJ trade. Also, he will be teaching lessons on “How to be a disc jockey 101” and “How to make a remix/mashup 101.”

Here are some questions and answers:

Jk. Where did you get the name from?

DJ A.D: My name is Adam Brown, my stage name is “DJ A.D.” I can remember as if it was yesterday! Back in the year 2000, that whole entire year at Princeton High School, family/friends/acquaintances & others called me “Adz” “Addy” “A.d.d. because i was a hyper energetic determined kid”

Jk. What’s your favorite tune of all time?

DJ A.D: Wow that isn’t easy because I respect and love so many tunes out there “Hmmm” the first that comes to mind is “B.I.G. – Hypnotize”

Jk. What gave you the initial push to follow your dream?

DJ A.D: In life so far I have had many pushes aspirations, dreams and all that! For instance: just listening to the radio and watching other
talent[s] preform motivates me and pushes my own career as a disc jockey/artist to become more focused and stay positive and determined to become a success.

Jk. How Remix Network came about?

DJ A.D: If so, in 2009 I founded/established Remixnetwork. RemixNetwork is a multi-media networking promotional company for artist[s]. The purpose of the network is to bring/unite & connect various talents worldwide!

Jk. What made you put out remix compilations out in the first place?

DJ A.D: Great Question! Main purpose of producing a remix or mashup for myself was to cater to diverse crowds, worldwide & attract others.
For instance, sometimes an original production or mainstream commercial track you hear on the radio or see on television, nowadays, can be boring and not have enough spice/flavor needed to please the public. Therefore, I started creating various remix/mashup[s] for some well known celebrity/artist[s] such as: Fatman Scoop, Beyonce Knowles, Lady Gaga & Black Eyed Peas.

Jk. You feel like the internet has mess things up with you selling your compilations?

DJ A.D: Without the internet or online networking sites out there, I wouldn’t really be that well known! However one of my biggest weakness
right now is the internet. Sometimes I focus too much on the internet to promote my stage name as a artist. I’d like to begin to balance my celebrity status and social life more as the world turns and days go by. That is this year’s new resolution! Haha

Jk. All things considered, what was your process in making each compilation?

DJ A.D: Personally, I’m more of a dj/remixer than actual producer. However i sometimes sit in the studio and make my own beats. But to answer the question, I do not set any order or process usually when creating a compilation. I love to research/relax/focus/meditate & “go with the flow” before mixing down a track or putting together a mixtape.

Jk. Does your resume carry weight today or do you still have to show and prove in the industry and fan also?

DJ A.D: As of right now as we speak, I still need to showcase my talent worldwide! Currently, my resume isn’t that heavy. Honestly, for me it’s not about the money but the respect before the bill I feel by showcasing my talent at various event[s] & venue[s] that is the only way I will become respected and recognized to the fullest!

Jk. You’ve been quiet the past few months. What have you been up to?

DJ A.D: Quiet, neverrrrrr lol! Sometimes people tell me to shut up because i always have so much to say in a single meeting. My next goal in the near future is to become” a man of few words.”

Jk. Who are your favorite producers today?

DJ A.D: So many out there RIGHT NOW, Anyway, personally its all about the “quality of the beat before the pleasure of sound!” I would have to go with Afrojack, Adrian V, Bam Bam, B.Original, Benny Benassi, Chuckie, Dirty South, David Guetta, Deadmau5, Disco Fries, Jump Smokers, Klass, Lil Jon, LMFAO, Laidback Luke, Tiesto, Beatthrillaz, Remixnetwork Djs, Electro Sound Crew, Pharrell Williams, Will.I.Am, Rockit-Scientists, Jay Velar, Deville, Sc@rmixxed, Syphon, Starsk, Serafin, Tpain & A Few Other Talent[s]

Jk. What artists would you like to work with today?

DJ A.D: Any producer I listed above!

Jk. What advice would you give to up and coming DJs/Promoters?

DJ A.D: Advice “speak with your hands not your mouth”, “A DJ is not just your ordinary stand up & press play in front of a crowd disc jockey a dj is the son of an artist a dj possesses many quality talent[s]” In other words, a dj isn’t just a “DJ” a dj shouldn’t be put on a pedestal or above anybody else just because they can mix two tracks together or preform in front of a live audience; at the end of the day, a dj is anything & everything they want to represent or become within themselves!

Jk. Anything else you want to say? Any shouts? For people who want to contact you how they can reach you.

DJ A.D: Big Shout Outs To my family/friends who have supported me through out my whole career up until now and till the day I die! Shout Outs To The Man Who Presented Me With This Interview Hutchy aka Wallen Hutchinson. Also, My photographer/designer aka Ryan Krukowski. My colleague/web designer aka Richie Knowles. My Remixnetwork Mobile DJ/Dancer aka Richard Greer. My Uncle who supports me 110%. My brother who loves me so much and who is my financial advisor/manager of company. All of Remixnetwork including the deejays/models/dancers/artists etc.

WOW what an interview now its my turn to shine lol. I have posted & listed past & present gigs/events/demos/pics/videos of myself that i feel are notable.

Previous Performance/Showcase[s]

– dj’d at club conduit fall 2005 w/dj flip in trenton, new jersey
– dj’d poolside summer 2008 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.
– dj’d the jersey shore this summer 2010 at “the beach bar” seaside heights
– showcased for “Denon” at the “DJ Times Expo” summer 2009 at the Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City.

– Recently,last winter, I was sponsored by & was featured on the Verizon Fios travel channel on television!

– Also, I released couple of vinyl records, pressed on wax from av8. First, I collaborated with german producer “DJ Absinth” to remix/mashup a track for Beyonce Knowles called the Sasha Fierce Remixes, “SideA1-Single Ladyz 2009 Oldskool Edit

Later on, I then collaborated with top remix producer DJ Syphon of Feel The Beat Productions, for Black Eyed Peas, called the “BEP Remixes” “SideA2 – Let The Beat Rock Spanish Satisfaction Edit/SideA3 – Be Got A Feeling. []

– Live Demo Download “Summer 2010 Friday Ladies Night at The Beach Bar”…

– Most recent mixtape cd, was released in August 2010, called “The Everything Mixtape” The focus was to remix/produce various genre[s] such as” HIPHOP/ROCK/ELECTRO/HOUSE/DUBSTEP. [To download please go to []

-Most of my remix/mashup/production[s] can be found either on the following websites”,,, and or″

Find me On The Following Social Networks… or or or The Official Website

For more/details contact him directly at (609)-731 9539.

Adam Brown, DJ A.D.®
Office#: 609-571-7662
Mobile#: 609-731-9539
Music Production/Networking/Education:
Co-Owner/Founder of Remixnetwork, LLC
For DJ International Worldwide Bookings, Only Contact:
Marcus Roberts
skype: Internationalxl


Dj. A.D.

Interview By: Wallen ‘Hutchy’ Hutchinson and Shiquita Woodyard editor for TJKS

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