Ok ladies and gentlemen just when you thought Female Hip Hop Was Dead..Except for the Beautiful Trina-there has been no recent notable Hip Hop contributions until the emergence of Nicki Minaj..Kind of a cross between Lil Kim, Foxy Brown,Trina,Madonna,Lil Wayne,Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry..she is an excellent hybrid of pop and hip hop judging from her Superstar presence..

While lurking on twitter, I noticed KtoXXX,who in her bio donned herself,”Best Female XXX Rapper.”…I didn’t know what that meant or if I wanted to find out,but KtoXXX had a striking presence,and my curiosity piqued..

On KtoXXX’s Twitter page ktoxxx She didnt list her porn accomplishments,but I recognized her as Goldie Jackson who had also done films under ChristyXXX & Crystal Davis- ..although she seemed sexy,I just thought of her as a Lil Kim Knockoff who really did porn…She started sending TheJamkingShow links to her music and www.youtube.com/kto69able …I was really impressed by a few of her tracks…At best,she has a story to tell and an excellent way of delivering it…At worst, she’s no role model for young girls…Lol.. She had a sit down with Jamking and let me tell you the smoke was rising from what this young beautiful talented women had to say! trust me you won’t regret this interview!! this is one for the archive!!

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Name:Kenyetta A. Harper
Birth Place: Oakland,Ca
State of residency: California
Date of Birth:A lady never tells her age(smile)
Birth Sign:Aquarius
Ethnic Background Black/Choctaw Indian/German
Height: 5’7”
Weight:150 Lbs Give or Take 5 lbs at all times
Inches: All sexy
T-Shirt Size:Large
Shoe Size:9

JAMKING: First, thank you so much ktoxxx for taking some time out to spend with The Jamking Show and all of our visitors from around the world

Ktoxx: I appreciate The Jam King Show wanting to get to know KTOXX

JAMKING: First off tell the TJKS fans where are you from?

Ktoxxx: Well, KtoXXX is from Oakland,Ca..born and raised

JAMKING: So Tell us a little bit about yourself and what have ktoxxx been up to lately?

Ktoxxx: Well, I’m promoting my mixtape and my upcoming debut c.d…these are songs I’ve done during my journey through life…and I talk about the Good,Bad,& Ugly of living life on the edge…living life with no guarantees…living life depending on your luck as opposed to a safety net..Its been an uphill struggle for me to move past my Porn star career as a respected Rap artist,but I believe that with Faith In God..you can achieve the seemingly insurmountable..I began rapping in 94…Shy,but I was a kid…Overweight,but Raw talent..I was in a group with my sister,Lil Bit, and we started a group called WOG’S(West Oakland Girls)..We perfomed at the Ascap Showcase at the House Of Blues twice..once as amateurs.the 2nd time as professionals..opening up for Ice-t at his special request…Then I lost weight(from 240 lbs) began a career as a stripper..of all things,lol..I always had a hidden open-minded nature just waiting to bust out..

JAMKING: What do you feel that are some of your past accomplishments?

Ktoxxx: Well,after, I started stripping,but music is in my heart,in my blood,and in my soul..so I started a record company with my boyfriend,at the time,L.B.called Staykeyed Ent..We released 3 cds independently…DoubleXross(formerly WOG’Z,”STATE OF CONFUSION),A StaykeyedEnt Mixtape,and L.B.’S Debut Cd-From The Bottoms to the TOP…Now fast forward to 2010-I’m executive producing my own projects…I worked in a porn store,and I saw how men loved and adored certain porn stars…Then ironically,I got the opportunity to be a FANTASY For Men..And I can’t front, that turned me on…lol..so Goldie Jackson emerges..

JAMKING: Now Let’s get Juicy with it (staff please turn up the AC please!!)

JAMKING: Taking a look at our selection, we see you have done some XXX movies. How did you get into the business ?

Ktoxxx: My 1st shoot someone contacted my internet profile in Dec. 2005-a website called www.bigtitscurvyasses.com -I was able to go to the East Coast for the 1st. time,live out my XXX fantasies,and get paid fot it,lol..what a life…

JAMKING: There are not a lot of girls out there that are that versatile and can cross over between different adult genres. What is it about you that sets you apart?

Ktoxxx: Well,my music is always true-to-life & heartfelt…and I feel as long as I talk about me..real recognizes real..And as I said before,I believe if you have Faith In God,you can achieve what you want…..Also,people love a good story,and I have a true-life story that gives me a lot to talk about

JAMKING: What was it like to do your first porn scene? And how many films have you done?

Ktoxxx: I was nervous as hell…I couldn’t believe that some1 wanted to see me nude..on camera..and pay me for it…But being the perfectionist I am,Iol,I started to work on my performance because as I said before, I was living out a fantasy..Imagine an insecure,overweight teenage tomboy rapper starring in a porn…I’ve done about 20 films..

JAMKING: Is there anything kinda of shot that you wouldn’t do or didn’t do and why?

Ktoxxx: I wouldn’t do a d.p. because I have done anal twice,but I’m not a fan of anal..I did a creampie before and I was naïve and I didn’t understand what that was..But I don’t believe in regrets..just growth

JAMKING: Who is the one friend you do hang out with that is in the industry?

Ktoxxx: I have no friends in the industry because I shot with people 1 time..and I’m from Oakland..but Porn Valley is in L.A…And when you do a movie,you don’t meet people doing other scenes..so I would get booked,fly in,and then fly out..I do still talk to the porn actor,Domineko,however..

JAMKING: When it comes to relationships, some girls like to date guys in the industry because there are less jealousy issues. Some girls just choose to not date at all because it is too hard. Where do you see yourself when it comes to dating and relationships?

Ktoxxx: I’m in a relationship-..I couldn’t date a guy in the industry because I’m selfish when it comes to love…

JAMKING: Girl on Girl ?

Ktoxxx: I’ve done Girl On Girl out of curiosity..but I find women beautiful,but I’m not sexually attracted..although I enjoyed exploring..

JAMKING: I had to throw that in there!! Lol lol you know the fans would have ate me up if I didn’t ask that! Plus it was eating me up to! Lol

JAMKING: Speaking of eating lol…What are some of the other male performers that you enjoy working with?

Ktoxxx: I loved working with Charlie Mac, Domineko,& Devlin Weed..I did a scene with a new young performer,but I don’t remember his name..we had a ball..

JAMKING: What do you think about the Montana Fishburne saga and if you could talk to her what advice would you give?

Ktoxxx: I don’t understand it exactly,but I wouldn’t have used my Dad’s last name if Porn was my choice..But I don’t like to comment unless I know all the information.

JAMKING: Ok here are the money questions You ready? Lol
Ktoxxx: Shot

JAMKING: Are you still in the business? And if so what you do you have anything coming out? (if so plz send us a copy lmao!)

Ktoxxx: I haven’t done boy-girl since Dec. 2008..I only do hosting parties,adult modeling,and website stuff..my focus is branding KtoXXX now..

JAMKING: First porn you ever watched?

Ktoxxx: Oh..something with Heather Hunter in it,lol or Sierra

JAMKING: Favorite position?

Ktoxxx: Baby..doggie all the way..

JAMKING: Self pleasure?

Ktoxxx: Of course..I love how I pleasure my clit..

JAMKING: What was your favorite money shot?

Ktoxxx: On my breasts…lol

JAMKING: When you were performing did you enjoy enjoy it? Or was it all about the money?

Ktoxxx: I enjoyed it,but it was just surreal for me..and yes Money played a Big factor

JAMKING: How many films have you done? And what was your most memorable scene?

Ktoxxx: About 20 scenes,and my most memorable one would be my 1st one..of course..

JAMKING: What were your stage names? (hold on let me get my google up!! Lol)

Ktoxxx: Goldie Jackson,Crystal Davis, ChristyXXX

JAMKING: Ok that was real sweaty and collar popping blood vessel throbbing!! Gud grief! now let’s move on to the real deal ok?

Ktoxxx: ok

JAMKING: Where do you want to see yourself in a couple years from now?

Ktoxxx: I will have a music website,artists im writing and executive producing for,an autobiography..and whatever God continues to bless me with..

JAMKING: (from visitors tjks fan mail) Why do you rap? What’s your motivation?

Ktoxxx: I’ve always rapped,and been a constant on the California independent scene..Porn just has a life of its own and its still a little taboo so it gets more notice..

JAMKING: So when did you record your first rap track?

Ktoxxx: I recorded my 1st one in 1994

JAMKING: What do you think has contributed the most to your success so far?

Ktoxxx: My tenacity and my desire to achieve my goals…

JAMKING: What qualities do you appreciate most in other emcees, either personal or skill-related (flow, rhyme scheme, emotion, etc.)?

Ktoxxx: I appreciate all of the afore-mentioned..If I feel your story,I’m a fan..

JAMKING: To let our visitors get a better feel for what has influenced you, in no specific order could you name a few of your favorite MC’s?

Ktoxxx: Jadakiss,M.C. Lyte, Yo Yo, Ice Cube, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Nicki miNAJ(HER MARKETING GAME IS OFF THE CHARTS, Boss, Souls Of Mischief, Lil Wayne, Too Short, E-40, Wutang Clan, Nas, Jay Z,The Hot Boys, Red Café, Fabolous, The Jacka, Mista Fab, Luniz, Yuckmouth, Marvaless,c-bo,Outcast, Andre3000, Bun b..and others.

JAMKING: Iight cool so when did you first learn that you wanted to drop some track?

Ktoxxx: I was a young teenager,and I spit..and it went on my whole life..I’m hustling, promoting,writing.executive producing at a young age,…now the timing seems right

JAMKING: The music and radio industry can be tough on new artists. How has it treated you so far?

Ktoxxx: I’ve only did college radio,but The music industry has been as expected,and there’s ups and downs..but the internet makes so people focus on your music more..

JAMKING: When we hear you flow we kinda get that Trina,Lil Kim,Nicki Minaj sexy feeling, How does it feel to be put in that category?

Ktoxxx: It feels great,but I think I rap more like a tomboy with sexuality mixed..My voice is raspy and deep,and I have a lisp,but of course..I love all of them as well..when people hear me,they actually compare me to men..when they see me, I get compared more to female rappers…

JAMKING: Before we let you go ktoxxx where can the fans and the big talent scoots find you on the web besides thejamkingshow? And when we get our studio up would you like to come do a shot for us? Link us up!

Ktoxxx: Yes..www.twitter.com/ktoxxx and christiexxxgo@yahoo.com
Well thank you and we hope you keep us updated so we can keep you on the grind best of luck and it was a pleasure to have this opportunity to chat up with you and your sexiness is all ways welcome here at TJKS don’t forget when you drop them hot tracks to shout The Jamking Show now!!?…lol massive love and respect…we love ya!!! (time for cold shower now!) lol

Listen To Ktoxxx Blazing Hits Below:

www.thejamkingshow.com video: copyright kto69able

For More Info On Ktoxxx contact TJKS or KTOXXX herself

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