Dis Shyt Go Hard! The original song went gold not to long ago & now they have a video to this remix. DJ khaled is known for getting all the hottest artist on one track & making a world wide hit for everybody to sing a long to khaled also dropped some lines himself in this one. He has been providing that kind of music for our ears for years. The original video to this record was sort of like this one but just less star studded.

The vide include big names like Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Fabolous & More. Khaled decided to take a couple different coast on this one & mix it all up. It has a little bit of the south & a little bit of the east to make this mega hit pop. You might have seen the behind the scene photos to this video & was probably getting impatient to see how Good Nicki was going to look in the video. No more waiting it is here now. Still would have love to see Lil Kim! burn it up!! And Big ups to Busta Rhymes for keeping Jah in the light doing his part!!!


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