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Meet Jalyssa Anderson Aka Mz Juicy!!

They say juicing is healthy but they forgot to tell you that juicing is good for the eyes to!! Meet Jalyssa… [more after the jump]

Meet Jalyssa Anderson Aka Mz Juicy!! Meet Jalyssa Anderson Aka Mz Juicy!!


If you have been surfing the web and haven't ran across this Lil ma you need to call your local cable… [more after the jump]


Rosa Acosta Has a Valentines Gift For You [VIDEO]

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Rosa Acosta Has a Valentines Gift For You [VIDEO] Rosa Acosta Has a Valentines Gift For You [VIDEO]

Jasmine TJKS Sexy Thursday Thickness!!!

Meet Jasmine who is a very intelligent, sexy, independent girl ...Beautiful women are all around us,… [more after the jump]

Jasmine TJKS Sexy Thursday Thickness!!! Jasmine TJKS Sexy Thursday Thickness!!!

Tahiry 2011 Calendar ‘The Wet Edition’ Photo Shoot Video

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Tahiry 2011 Calendar ‘The Wet Edition’ Photo Shoot Video Tahiry 2011 Calendar ‘The Wet Edition’ Photo Shoot Video

TJKS September’s iCANDi Jump Of The Month(Exclusive)with Miss Nique!

What does a resume from a professional model look like? We introduce you to Miss Nique, Representing… [more after the jump]

TJKS September’s iCANDi Jump Of The Month(Exclusive)with Miss Nique! TJKS September's iCANDi Jump Of The Month(Exclusive)with Miss Nique!

Nicki Minaj Donk Inc. Todays Tailback Alert!!

I don't know if it's fake or not, but it's damn sure sick to look at! Nicki Minaj has got to have the… [more after the jump]

Nicki Minaj Donk Inc. Todays Tailback Alert!! Nicki Minaj Donk Inc. Todays Tailback Alert!!

Montana DeLeon Showing Off Her CRAZY Body

For those of you that don't know this brick house is a full figured urban model. She was born and raised… [more after the jump]

Montana DeLeon Showing Off Her CRAZY Body Montana DeLeon Showing Off Her CRAZY Body


The sexy Sheneka Adams is back and this time she appeared right here with us on TJKS. Sheneka is a beauty that goes hard (Have you seen her Twitter page?). On having grown up fast Sheneka says I wouldn’t call it the fast life. I just grew up a little faster than most. But I’m appreciative of that because it puts me far ahead of most people my age. I can say I know a little more about life. Sometimes I wish I would have taken some things a little slower, but I’ve learned so much that it’s hard for me to feel any type of regret. Sheneka has been in music videos with Slim of 112 in “So Fly”, did “Marco Polo” with Bow wow and Soulja Boy and recently was in Mullage Trick’n video. Sheneka also runs a successful blog Vixen Gossip where she drops various topics from gossip to the latest things in fashion. She stopped by TJKS and had a chat with Jamking himself and as you know and will see from her interview the sexy Sheneka is rising to to stay and be the Baddest in the game. You can also Book Sheneka from right here at TJKS and Go Hard for your next Entertainmet Jump.

Birth Place:Athens, Ga
State of residency:Atlanta,
Ga Date of Birth: 9/19
Ethnic Background: Black/White
Height: 5’2
Weight: 138
Measurements: 36D, 25, 40
T-Shirt Size: Small
Shoe Size: 7
Occupation: Hustler

♥A little about me…. I would say that I am a very laid back, down to earth girl. I liked to get things accomplished and not beat around the bush on situations. I can be mean and bitchy at the same time, and in this industry, you have to be. I’m not easily open minded to people all the time, because people can and may deceive you. Altogether, I am a pretty put together girl.♥


JAMKING: First of all Sheneka, Thanks for stopping by the Thejamkingshow we really appreciate you being a part of the movement! and we are definitely glad to have you on the site in such a big way!

JAMKING: First off why don’t you tell everyone where
you’re from?

Sheneka: Athens, Ga

JAMKING: When you made TJKS TwitPic of the Day you made our servers shut down from the traffic flow it’s must be hard being a top notch sexsymbol that’s on top of her game? lol

Sheneka: Not really, I mean it comes with wanting to be successful I guess.

JAMKING: What is it like in the everyday shoes of Sheneka Adams you’re the hottest in the game right now?

Sheneka: Work, More Work, and more Work.

JAMKING: You recently were here in Miami for Memorial Day weekend 2010 we know you had dudes sandblasting the sunshine state as soon as you stepped off the plane screaming (I’M IN MIAMI TRICK!) lol how was it?

Sheneka: It was crazy that a lot of people knew who I was and they was all wanting to come take pictures with me but overall it was ok.

JAMKING: what would you say is the hardest obstacle of becoming
an established figure in the urban modeling business?

Sheneka: The rumors. The lies. Everybody making promises about how they can help your career.

JAMKING: Physically or Mentally what would you say is your best personal asset?

Sheneka: My personality.

JAMKING: What Men’s magazine would you say really has the “Juice” right now

Sheneka: Smooth Magazine

JAMKING: How do you feel about the sudden spike of buttock enhancements over
the past couple of years in the urban modeling business?

Sheneka: I would never do it. That’s all I have to say LOL.

JAMKING: Would you ever consider any type of cosmetic upgrades?

Sheneka: Uhhhhh. NO!

JAMKING: Obviously you put alot of work in at the gym by the looks of it.
What’s your daily workout routine like?

Sheneka: I acutally don’t work out.

JAMKING: How should a guy approach you if he wants to get to know you better?

Sheneka: Just be yourself.

JAMKING: Gangsta or Gentlemen?

Sheneka: Both lol….I’m a bad girl.

JAMKING: Things one might find under your bed? lol

Sheneka: Nothing, I keep my house very clean.

JAMKING: if you had to choose one quality in a guy would it be brains, or money or sex? only one now

Sheneka: Brains.

JAMKING: We’ve been following you on are quite the character 🙂 Is that a good snapshop of your personality?

Sheneka: Very much, I say what I want and you can fuk yourself if you don’t like it.

JAMKING: How do you shake the haters off?

Sheneka: I ignore them….it makes them sick.

JAMKING: What do you think about the whole Kat Stacks saga that’s hot right now, I mean every time we tweet up it’s always something about Kat form the slap video to the tell all moments of rappers?

Sheneka: I don’t know who that is.

JAMKING: Well alrighty then keepin it movin on to the next.

JAMKING: What’s playing on your Ipod right now?

Sheneka: Drake: Thank Me Later

JAMKING: I know alot of men probably hit on you… what about women?
Are the ladies checking for you too.. If so how do you feel about it?

Sheneka: Yes…it’s more women than men. I am not bisexual but I love the ladies.

JAMKING: Major Turn offs?

Sheneka: Dirty shoes and smelly breathe.

JAMKING: Fellas y’all here that? your breath better be right and your footlocker tight!!

JAMKING: Major Turn ons?

Sheneka: A smart guy that can keep my attention.

JAMKING: Name 1 thing someone would be surprised to know about you?

Sheneka: I’m a virgin.

Jamking: Smfh moving on.

JAMKING: Favorite movie to watch on a rainy day at home?

Sheneka: Casino

JAMKING: This modeling business has its high and low points. What’s the
worst experience you’ve had so far in this industry?

Sheneka: People making up rumors about me….I hate that.

JAMKING: There was a alleged sexvideo tape of you a while back and you came out and set the record straight in which you deserve mad respect for that. First off we haven’t seen it nor want too being your private life and all. But we have to give you props and respect for coming out like you did most women would have been like (It’s not me) and shyt gets worse for them, you’re a women of class and dignity and you handled that issue very well!, what was it like that moment when you first found out that your goodies were internet jumping?

Sheneka: I was like “WOW” I give great head.

JAMKING: LOL Lawd Ham Mercy!! lol

JAMKING: Are other models good at supporting each other in this industry or do
things tend to get a bit competitive?

Sheneka: Most are…but everybody is always for themselves….ALWAYS.

JAMKING: Thejamkingshow studios are in the works. Any chance we might be able to
get you to do an exclusive shoot with us in the future?

Sheneka: Sure.

JAMKING: Any future videos or upcoming events to let TJKS viewers know about?

Sheneka: Not at the moment….just stay locked into my twitter.

JAMKING: Well Sheneka it’s been a real Pleasure Having you here I really appreciate
you showing luv to the Thejamkingshow! And we hope you keep us updated so that we can keep you live we are always here for you, nothing but luv! and we wish you the best in your quest don’t forget us here at TJKS now! Lol you were AMAZING!! We’d love to have you back for a part 2 how do you feel about that? By the way will you marry me!??? Lol JK showin that TJKS luv….

Sheneka: Imma need 20 carets.

JAMKING: Tell us where we can find you at online other than TJKS.. Link us up

Sheneka: twitter: @Sheneka_Adams

JAMKING: I think those links will do it!! Make sure when you’re doing them videos you

throw up a TJKS sign now!!! Lol

Sheneka: okay 😉

JAMKING: Thank you so much Sheneka we Love ya!!

Sheneka: Back at cha!

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’353′ autostart=’true’ type=’video’]–%20Sheneka%20Adams.mp4[/pro-player]

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