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“VISION” aka “VISION COMPLEX THE OFFICIAL FEMALE EMCEE” has put years into the underground music game and paid plenty of dues. She has earned :the official female emcee: title again and again. To hear Vision or to see her perform, one can truly feel why she is deserving of the name.

Every song every beat and every move is dedicated to those caught in the struggle. Her purpose and what drives her is to prove that no matter what we have gone through , we as individuals have the power to overcome and rise above it.

Vision began singing as a little girl and started writing songs and rapping at
the age of 13. Her brother Big E served as her mentor, together they created

“GRIMM STYLE MUSIK” (grimm like the reaper) LLC – an indie base entertainment company along the way creating a very unique movement.

Vision was one of the 1st underground Hispanic female rappers on the West Coast. She has consistantly toured and performed. From 2009-2010 Vision Complex was a featured performer on the LOW RIDER MAGAZINE tour WestCoast to Texas. She is featured on countless mixtapes, albums, local and national publications.

As well as being hired to open concerts for several national acts including; Bone Thugs n Harmony, Three Six Mafia, Jazzy Pha , Glasses Malone, E40 , Hi-C & Suga free, Crooked I, Ying Yang Twins, Ghost face, Baby Bash, Snoop Dog, Cypress Hill, THE Grouch, Lighter Shade of Brown so on..
Spice 1, and many more..

With the realest street lyrics and the best produced beats to match, Vision is a prodigy of all those enduring the hardships of life, she’s the voice.

“Ive seen and survived things that would have stopped the average person but Im still here and I know its because I have a higher purpose. I’m here for those around me .. hopefully when its all said and done and the music stops, I will have brought hope to those who may have lost it” – vision complex

“I feel most confidant when on stage. Its like everything I’ve worked for is put out there all at once. I would say thats my niche, God bless the rest , but no one can perform from there heart like me.. I take em ta chuuuch everytime , haha ” – vision complex

Catch Vision on the rise in your city and on the stage. With her drive and determination, one can guarantee it.

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