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Tarsha Jackson

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Straight out of Richmond Va,

This songstress Tarsha Jackson, definitely knows the meaning of “the struggle”. By overcoming many obstacles in life she is known as a “dynamic go-getter” and is determined to set the example that being a product of an abusive family and a teenage mother will not stop the show! With a passion to make music that could be seen from a mile away and a mindset to get her sound heard, Tarsha is here to provide you with an original sound, original production and an extremely diverse style. If you were to ask Tarsha what style of music she prefers to make her answer would be, “I refuse to limit myself to any one particular genre, I plan to set a standard for many music genres to follow. I have created music for everyone from Pop, Hip Hop, R & B, to Neo Soul if you can name it, I have probably created it.”

Tarsha’s latest upbeat single “I Like It” was just recently released independently. “I Like It” is definitely giving the internet fans something to talk about and is getting them all amped and ready for her next upcoming project.

You will find that Tarsha possesses keen songwriting skills where her lyrics not only have true meaning but also carry melodies that will make you immediately want to pay close attention to. With an ability to relate to many different audiences, Tarsha prides herself on her songwriting skills.
Miss Jackson’s biggest music influence is Missy Elliot. Like Missy, this vocalist also carries the flexibility to float from a singing to rhyming style. This is made evident with such songs like “I Like It” & “Wish I Was Your Girlfriend”.
Tarsha has done performances here in the DMV area and has also been a guest on several radio stations such as WKSHdabeat in MD and WWRM.ORG based in Lynchburg VA. Her music has received airplay on several different internet & independent radio stations.
Read up on some of the things people have had to say about Tarsha’s music.
*Raw, Real Raw, I Love it. This is an instant classic. Let me find out your are just as talented rappin’ as you are singing. Beat is amazing and the lyrics are hard and true. This song is a great song don’t hurt’em T. –Eric Thompson
*I love your song. A perfect blend of on point lyrics and an awesome beat. – K. Callahan
*I love it, when I first heard the beat I knew it was a hit! It has a rock feel to it and a perfect dance grove. The lyrics are great as usual and your flow on the rap portion was perfect. This song is very well put together, you can add it to your hit list. –Andre Clarke

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