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About Rebel Vibez

Over the years Carrie Mullings watched the reggae industry grow and it continues to require more representation from Canada. In the memory of their late father Karl Mullings they created i.M.O.K. (In Memory Of Karl) Enterprises. With a unique balance in the industry as artist and radio programmer,Carrie have seen the industry from all its angles. i.M.O.K. Enterprises builds the foundation for the business end of the relationship so that the artist can do what they do best, create art.
With a firm grip on the scene i.M.O.K. Enterprises has taken over 40 years of contacts and shared them with artists within the roster to further their career. i.M.O.K. Enterprises provides a variety of services including but not limited to artist management, bookings, promotions and productions. Together we want to build lasting relationships with our talent.

“Carrie Mullings on-air radio personality has earned her the title of Number 1 Best Radio DJ of the Year in 2009! Wow!

And this year Carrie Mullings has been nominated by the RMAA- Reggae Music Achievement Awards for Best Radio DJ of the Year (the only female in this Category) Congratulations to you, job well done. (Category 23)

Her outgoing and people personality has warranted her mass popularity Internationally and she has listeners now in the USA. Her efforts also has given her the opportunity to be in several magazines, such as, Toronto Star, Splash, The Jamaican Gleaner, to name a few.”

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