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Lil’Bit” Shepherd has emerged from the doldrums to find an inner peace that has set her on the path to both personal and artistic success.
Recently nominated for a Juno Award for reggae recording of the year (“Likkle But Mi Tallawah”), Shepherd is proud of what she’s achieved. But she refuses to be bitter about past dismisses like failing to make Canadian Idol.
Just wrapping up work on a new album, Shepherd has apparently found her musical niche in reggae. Her debut album is filled with life-inspired songs.
What is your inspiration? “Life and everything and everyone in it.”
What are you most proud of? “In this moment I am most proud of everything I’ve been able to achieve in my life/music career, but more so in the last year. I’ve realized my potential now and that when you seriously dedicate 150 per cent into your craft the possibilities are limitless. Hard work does pay off. A lot of times it seems money or a lack thereof can be a hindrance, but I am proof you can still make it happen without it. You just have to believe in yourself, be smart, and have a lot of drive and determination.” For More On Lil’Bit sink the Link here:

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